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"AstroQuizBR" is a poll project in Portuguese, created to increase the curiosity and test the knowledge of those who follow our media and science outreach work.
Idealized by me on Twitter, the hashtag #AstroQuizBR is also used by other astronomers, always respecting and disseminating each other's work.


With four possible options and 24 hours to submit them, the answers are anonymous, always surprising the readers with doses of Astronomy. When the 24 hours are over, the final answer is shared, along with an explanation, images and gifs, to make everything more fun and didactic. All quizzes can be found on our official Twitter page.

AstroQuizBR is also available here on my website (in Portuguese only). You can take the quiz below, which is categorized by areas: universe, galaxies, Solar System, stars, exoplanets, and miscellaneous. A brief explanation for each question can be found at the end of the quiz. For more information, images, and videos, please search each question individually on Twitter, available here.

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